Sand Filtration
Self cleaning strainer for crystal clear water - prevent your fittings and equipment from getting clogged.
Sand Filtration System : Kristall Klar Strainers

kristall klar self – cleaning strainers for crystal clear water

Self cleaning strainer for crystal clear water - prevent your fittings and equipment from getting clogged

Water we use contains great amount of dirt and particles which severely affect the installed accessories and appliances in our bathrooms, thereby compromising their correct functioning. Equipments and appliances like bath fittings, shower heads, pumps, pipelines, washing machine, dishwasher etc get clogged and damaged due to the dirt particles in the water.

The kristall klar strainer helps to filter out the dirt through its stainless steel mesh, resulting in clear water supply to the pipelines. it is easy to install and suitable for residential as well as industrial use.

Sand Filtration
Installation & Filteration
Water strainer is installed before inlet of water tank.
It consists of a 40 micron ss filter which helps in Removing sediments and hard substances in the water before it even enters the water tank.
Water Tank Improvement
It helps in improving life of water tank, pressure Pumps, hot water systems.
Availability & Usability
It has a tap at the bottom to flush out the accumulated Particles time to time.
Available in various sizes.
Key Features
The electronically controlled system of vordosch strainers are also available in India.
Vordosch best strainers in india comes with a 24 months assurance against manufacturing defects.
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