Modular Pipe Support System
Modular pipe support clamps help in avoiding leakage and enhances the life of the piping system.


FIXOTEC Modular Pipe Supports

FIXOTEC Modular Pipe Supports – your ultimate solution for plumbing excellence. Crafted with precision and available in three versatile variations: Regular, Heavy, and Original.

Experience cost-effective brilliance as these supports offer a superior alternative to classic pipe clamps. The design features two locking screws, providing flexibility for various pipe diameters. The locking screws come with a captive fastener, ensuring secure adjustments. The high-quality lining prevents pipe slipping, while the EPDM insulation lining delivers exceptional sound insulation. The connector is all-around-welded, ensuring durability and strength. Plus, enjoy outstanding corrosion protection with the high-quality galvanized zinc coating.

Applications are diverse, making FIXOTEC ideal for pipelines with dynamic loads, expansion points, and fixings in both residential and industrial areas. These modular pipe supports are tailored for indoor use and outdoor and guarantee a secure fit, thanks to the absence of a quick release feature. Upgrade to FIXOTEC – where cost-effective brilliance meets strength and reliability, providing you with the perfect support for dynamic pipelines.

FIXOTEC Mounting Rail

Fixotec Mounting Rail, a versatile solution designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, featuring a modified C-section channel equipped with strategically placed slots. This innovative design provides a multitude of benefits and applications for various mounting needs.

The Fixotec Mounting Rail boasts a wide range of mounting options when paired with our specially crafted rail accessories. This allows for quick and efficient attachment of multiple support structures, ensuring flexibility in your installation projects. The modified C-section channel facilitates lateral and vertical adjustment, providing a reliable and secure fastening for your equipment.

With high load-bearing capacity derived from its special material properties and thoughtfully engineered design, the Fixotec Mounting Rail ensures a robust support structure. This makes it an ideal choice for setting up quick structures using Fixotec's FX connection components, offering stability and durability in diverse applications.

The applications of the Fixotec Mounting Rail are vast and varied. It is particularly well-suited for supporting pipes, air ducts, conduits, trunking, and cable trays, making it an indispensable tool for installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Additionally, it serves as a reliable support structure for drywall installations, further showcasing its versatility

FIXOTEC Brilliance
Versatile Excellence
FIXOTEC Modular Pipe Supports redefine plumbing excellence with three versatile variations—Regular, Heavy, and Original—providing a superior alternative to classic clamps for diverse applications.
Precision Craftsmanship
Experience cost-effective brilliance with FIXOTEC. Two locking screws offer flexibility for various pipe diameters, ensuring secure adjustments. Enjoy outstanding corrosion protection with high-quality galvanized zinc coating.
Diverse Applications
FIXOTEC Modular Pipe Supports are tailored for dynamic pipelines, making them ideal for diverse applications in residential and industrial areas. They guarantee a secure fit, indoors and outdoors, without a quick-release feature.
FIXOTEC offers a superior alternative to classic clamps, providing cost-effective brilliance and versatility. Crafted with precision, it features two locking screws for flexible adjustments, ensuring secure and durable support for various pipe diameters.
FIXOTEC Modular Pipe Supports feature a captive fastener, preventing pipe slipping, and an EPDM insulation lining for exceptional sound insulation. The all-around-welded connector ensures durability and strength, while the high-quality galvanized zinc coating offers outstanding corrosion protection.
FIXOTEC is tailored for pipelines with dynamic loads, expansion points, and fixings in residential and industrial areas. The absence of a quick release feature guarantees a secure fit for indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect support for dynamic pipelines.
The Fixotec Mounting Rail is a versatile solution for horizontal and vertical applications, featuring a modified C-section channel with strategically placed slots. With a wide range of mounting options and high load-bearing capacity, it ensures quick and efficient attachment for diverse support structures in installation projects.
Modular Pipe Support System
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