Modular Pipe Support System
Modular pipe support clamps help in avoiding leakage and enhances the life of the piping system.


MUPRO offers a modular Pipe Support system which enables pipe clamps specially adapted to the marine environment to be flexibly combined with a range of accessories. The various profile sizes of the system rails enable load-specific mounting of pipelines, ventilation shafts and support structures.

MUPRO is a German pioneer in modular clamping System. There is a rubber lining to provide grip and prevent direct contact of pipe with metal in order to reduce Noise caused due to vibration in pipe. MUPRO clamps are certified as per EN Standards and provides proper solution. MUPRO clamps does not rust and break as they are connected with proper channel and nuts whereas the Normal local clamps do not have a proper system. MUPRO clamps provide proper alignment to the pipes in shaft so more pipes can be accommodated in smaller Shafts. Load calculation as per pipe material is done to provide Proper system guidance. Clamps for fire pipe, HVAC pipes, and electrical channel Trays are also available. Clamps and system designed for seismic region as well.

MUPRO system solutions for shipbuilding
Corrosion Resistant
Selection of corrosion-resistant materials and surfaces for use in harsh atmospheres, such as seawater.
Noise Protection
Reduced vibrations (noise protection) to prevent noise pollution.
Optimal adaptation to ship structure
Safe and secure mounting of pipelines and other components in areas with high packing density of systems.
Mupro pipe clamps excel thanks to speedy installation, simple fastening, reliable load values and excellent vibration control values. Our range of pipe clamps provides the perfect solution for every type of application.
The support channel system developed by MUPRO allows the installation of pipelines and ducts of different loading classes due to various profile sizes.
Ambient noise pollution often turns out to be a particularly expensive construction defect. MÜPRO supplies comprehensive solutions and systems for vibration control or noise control.
Simplified mounting of all systems, without time-consuming installation of individual holders
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