Internal and External Drainage System
As a solution provider, we manage the waste water be it internal or external.


As a solution provider we manage the waste water be it internal or external. We have a complete range of products for internal drainage like multi floor traps, shower channels and in external drainage we have drain channels for entry gate for run off water, drain channels for balcony, drain channels for swimming pool/water bodies, solution for rooftop drainage channels. We offer our clients a complete range of manhole covers in different verities depending on the look they want to go with like FRP manhole covers , Aluminum recessed tile able air tight water tight manhole covers, Recessed manhole covers in SS304. Along with this we offer various accessories like back flow preventer, air admittance valves etc. All the brands in this solution are multinational brands from Europe which are known for their efficiency and quality.

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We are committed to quality and fully understand the needs of the end users.
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We are considered as a quality driven organization since we have established our base in this industry.
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We not only maintain the quality characteristics of a product but also with achieving the same at least cost.
Internal Drainage system comprises of shower channels and multi floor traps which helps in increasing the efficiency of drainage system.
Our systems are cost efficient as it increases the efficiency of drainage system.
It depends on the scope of work being performed. Your project may require some time to provide a proper consultation. After that, and once the project is accepted and scheduled, the work is usually completed in 1-4 days depending on what is involved. Some special projects may take longer.

Internal and External Drainage Solutions
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