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Kitec Pipes are manufactured by KiTEC Industries (India) Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 Company.
KiTEC is an aluminum and polyethylene composite that combines the best features of both materials to form a pipe that is light, strong and does not support corrosion. By combing the two materials along with adhesive layers, KiTEC pipe avoids the unaccepted thermal expansion and deformation of plastic pipe. At the same time, it retains the flexibility, frost resistance and ease of use associated with plastic.

The Unique feature of KiTEC is it’s malleability , KiTEC is easily formed into curves , can be set by hand and may require only bending springs when forming tight bends down to radius equivalent to 5 times the diameter of pipe. Unlike plastic plumbing pipes, kiTEC permanently holds whatever shape it is formed into and does not need additional clips or brackets to retain the shape of bends or curves.
KiTEC piping systems don’t corrode and will never pit or develop pin holes from aggressive water leading to premature failure. Also they do not have any effect of UV radiation in outdoor installation. There is no light transmission.
In continuous flowing plumbing and water supply applications, KiTEC can withstand multiple cycles of freezing and thawing while under pressure without up to a certain temperature. , KiTEC composite pipes provide an increased resistance to the onset of condensation or pipe sweating in a plumbing application.

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Advantages of PE layers
PE layers in Composite piping systems provide all the benefits of a plastic pipe which include.
1. Corrosion & scale resistance
2. Chemically inert
3. Smooth surface for better flow rate
4. Non-toxic & rust-free
Advantages of Adhesive Layers
1. Perfectly bond the metal and plastic layers.
2. Absorb eventual shifting movements between the plastic and the metal layers
3. likely to occur in opposite directions.
4. Give the Composite pipe, advantages of a single component pipe.
Advantages of An Alumnium Core
1. It acts as a permeation barrier against the entry of contaminants.
2. It limits oxygen permeability to an absolute zero.
3. It provides mechanical resistance to deformation.
4. Restricts expansion or contraction which could occur due to a change in temperature.
After extrusion of internal and external layers of PE material together with melt adhesive, the tube function as single component for operating in temperature range of -40 deg C to 95 deg C and there is no differential expansion of PE layers and aluminium tube. Because of aluminium in between, the resultant thermal expansion co-efficient is low.
It also sustains more pressure because of aluminium core inside.
The PE material have very high resistance to ageing, if utilized at the pressures up to 10 bar and working temperature up to 95 DEG C . Artificial ageing tests performed in the laboratory indicate that the pipe has a working life of more than 50 years.
Yes, these pipes & Fittings can be used for concealed installations.
No there is no effect of corrosive soil on the composite Pipes.
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