Rooftop Plumbing Solutions
For residences in which we provide customers with complete package solution of hot water, pumping and water treatment.


Rooftop plumbing management is one of the hardest jobs to manage once the residence is operational because of lack of professionalism and after sales service and having different agencies on the rooftop for various products dependent on each other.

So we have introduced the rooftop plumbing solution for residences and these solutions are known for their efficiency and quality.
It involves a working process which begins with pre filtration and ends with a return pump.
Initially pre filtration helps in removing the sediments or sand from the water. The products that we use are not expensive though the equipment's that we involve in the process surely increases the working span of products. Also, due to the removal of the sediments the flow of the water shower gets improved. Though we have various filters that work in some different ways like for ground submersible, Govt supply based and removal of sediments simultaneously. We have different models but have only one purpose that is storage of clean water. We provide automation solution for overhead tank filing using sensors.
Insulation jacket is used as a covering to the tank and is made up of aluminum foil which acts as a reflective material and has no direct contact with UV Rays. Therefore, UV Rays doesn't deteriorate the water.
Thus, insulation jacket helps in maintaining the temperature constant during the winters and summers. Also, it helps in contamination because of its double layered covering.

Pressure Pumps circulates or regulates the pressurized water into the showers and lead to improved supply of water.

Anti scaling system changes the chemical properties of water because of it's in build patent technology which prevents anti scaling.
Hot water system acts as a centralized system and Return pumps prevents the wastage of water. It pushes the water in the loop and also maintain the hot water increasing the water efficiency

Instant Solutions
An instant packaged solution of all the equipments installed on the rooftop related to plumbing.
Offers Maintenance And Inspection Services
Available for inspecting how your plumbing and hot water systems are working.
Install, Repair And Replace
Offer all three types of services, including installation, repairing, and replacing the plumbing equipments available for.
Yes Insulation jacket is made up of a reflective material I.e aluminium foil and thus it has no direct contact with UV Rays.
• 1 It act as a reflective material and stop the UV Rays to reach the water inside the tank.
• It maintains the water temperature
• It helps in contamination because of the presence of double layer.
It helps in regulating the pressurized water in the pipes which enhances the efficiency and pressure in the overall Piping system.
Yes, Kalyxx anti scaling system and it doesn't need any electricity or chemicals.
It changes the chemical Properties of water as it has in build IPS patent technology.
There are various type of centralized hot water systems. Electrical water heaters, heat pumps and Gas fired water heaters.
Yes definitely it is!
It has Return pumps in it which are responsible for pushing the water in the loop. Thus preventing the water wastage and increasing the water efficiency.
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