Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater is the purest form of fresh water and harvesting or reusing.


Rainwater is the purest form of fresh water and harvesting or reusing that water should be adopted by everyone. We have perfect engineered solutions for both rainwater harvesting and rainwater reuse.

Save the greatest blessing by God – “Water”, with the help of our rainwater harvesting system which are manufactured using advanced techniques and latest designs with the quality assurance. It’s time to count each drop of water for preserving the life on earth by saving the water.

Water Conservation Benefits
 The rainwater that falls on your roof and property is essentially free.
 Rainwater harvesting helps utilities reduce peak demands during summer months
Environmental Benefits
 Rainwater harvesting can reduce stormwater runoff from a property.
 It is an excellent source of water for plants and landscape irrigation
Economic Benefits
 Collecting rainwater to replace municipal water use reduces water bill
 Installing rainwater systems can provide jobs for the economy of the future.
Rainwater is the ultimate source of all the fresh water that we use. In India, rainfall occurs in short periods of high intensity, allowing the rain falling on the surface to flow away fast. This leaves little scope for recharging the groundwater, which results in water scarcity in most parts of the country. Through RWH, this erratic rainfall can be conserved, stored & used as per convenience, either directly or for recharging groundwater.
No, existing buildings can also implement RWH by modifying the existing plumbing and making additions, if necessary
The cost will vary depending upon the catchment area and the conveyance/ storage structures finalised. RWH can be installed at a very low cost in large plots where public buildings, schools & colleges are located, and this cost is negligible to the total construction cost, if integrated with the building design
The benefits include:
• Flood mitigation: Appropriately designed recharge structures in open public spaces, will help keep the roads from flooding. When water is not allowed to leave the premises, the chances of it choking up the roads are minimal.
• Increasing groundwater levels: Marked improvement of both the quantity as well as the quality of the groundwater in areas which have implemented rainwater harvesting
• Greater water availability: Rainwater collected in storage tanks is available as and when needed
• Prevents soil erosion and flooding especially in urban areas
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