Anti Scaling System
Water Requirements requires no power supply, batteries, chemicals or filters.

IPS KalyxX protects your home from limescale buildup. It requires no power supply, batteries, chemicals or filters. IPS Kalyxx uses a patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization electrode to disrupt the formation of lime scale crystals on water heaters, showers, thermostatic cartridges, and taps. In side-by-side comparison testing, IPS KalyxX was four times more effective than the leading electronic or magnetic scale devices. IPS Kalyxx is easy to install and maintenance free. Reduces creation of limescale on water supply elements by new patented technology– Turbulent Galvanic Polarisation – no chemicals, no external energy. Suitable for COLD (drinking) and HOT water.Reduce creation of lime scale on water supply elements – no chemicals, no external energy. Reduce the amount of bacteria Escheria coli up to 40%. Suitable for drinking water. Designed for garden irrigation systems and water distribution.
Faster germination and promoting plant growth. Reduces creation of lime scale on water supply elements – no chemicals, no external energy. The use of IPS Industry is effective and suitable for any type of business that uses running water.

• No electricity required
• Environmentally friendly, chemical-free
• Does not affect water pressure
• Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types

Key Features
Life and efficiency
Extends the life and efficiency of water heater, thermostatic cartridges, showers, aerators.
Limescale Prevention
Reduces and prevents limescale build-up by 76.3%
Easy-to-install & maintenance-free
IPS KalyxX is not a water softener. It doesn’t remove anything from or add anything to the water. IPS KalyxX is less expensive, easier to install, maintenance-free, and more effective than anything else on the market. It extends the life and efficiency of new and existing water heaters.
* Works with any type of water heater.
* Eliminates the need to de-scale tankless heaters.
* Doesn’t restrict household water pressure.
* Environmentally friendly and chemical-free.
* No electricity required.
* Easy-to-install and maintenance-free.
As the IPS is not making water softer and its not adding anything to water, it is very hard to meassure something. There are special official tests, where you measure the amount of scale on heating elements from water heaters and you compare it to not treated water. These test last at least 3 weeks. We have done them many times and we have proven by AIPMO that our products are efficient up to 76%.
Yes, the effect will be better. From our tests we know, that the efficiency will rise by several %, so it will be around 80 – 90%.
That very much differ from country to country. For example our customer in USA keeps warranty for 12 years. We are sure, that our IPS will works without any maintained at least for 10 years.
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