Washroom Macerating Pumps
Handle all the fixtures in a bathroom, including the sink, tub-shower and toilet.
Washroom Macerating Pumps

The Saniflo is the original macerator pump designed by SFA 60 years ago. The Saniflo has one inlet so it is for a WC connection only. It has a quiet motor and fits unobtrusively behind a WC with just 200 mm depth needed. It discharges through 22, 28 or 32 mm pipework and the improved casing design means the Saniflo looks better and more discrete than ever. The new design offers easy access to the tank for servicing and maintenance. The Saniflo comes as standard with a 2 year warranty. A Sanialarm can be fitted to this product for added peace of mind if required.

Designed, made and tested in our factory in France and with 60 years of expertise and innovation, the Saniflo offers you peace of mind and with the back up from our service team there’s never been a better time to install a SFA in your home. The original macerator pump unit that allows installation of an extra WC almost anywhere when a conventional solution isn't possible.

Ideal for just one WC installation
Easy access to the tank for servicing and maintenance
No need to change pipework - replaces existing SFA product
Pumps up to 5m vertically or 100m horizontally

Key Features
Affordable and Easy
Affordable and easy solution to getting waste out from under the ground.
Easy Maintenance
It is made out of durable materials and features a removable lid for easy maintenance.
Easy Access
Easy access to the tank for servicing and maintenance.
SFA invented in 1958 the Macerator Pump, a macerating and grinder pump system that greatly reduces the size of waste water. With SFA, you can evacuate in DN 22, 28 and 32. Thanks to this French technology large diameter discharge pipes (DN 100) are unnecessary. Our Made in France, macerator pumps can evacuate up to 7m high and 110 m along.
With SFA technology, there is no need to dig the ground, which means no disruptive therefore no expensive construction work.
You are no longer limited by lack of gravitational drainage, distance to main evacuation pipe or building's strucutre.
Floors, walls, and structural integrity remains intact while project time is reduced and construction mess is virtually eliminated.
With SFA, you decide where your new bathroom goes!
The basic 2-year warranty for every device covers parts and labour, subject to proper installation and use of the product.
SANIFLO macerators were installed behind each toilet to drain the waste water into the main drainage pipe. SANIFLO enables waste water from a toilet to be drained up to 5m vertically and 100m horizontally. Its high performance cutting system allows waste water to be drained away in small dimeter pipes (22/28/32) for discreet installation.
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