KiTec Pipes
Composite pipes is a simple tubing product which can be installed with no mess and minimal wastage.

KiTEC is an aluminium and polyethylene composite that combines the best features of both materials to form a pipe that is light, strong and does not support corrosion. By combining the two materials, KiTEC pipe avoids the unaccepted thermal expansion and deformation of plastic pipe. At the same time it retains the flexibility, frost resistance and ease of use associated with plastic. KiTEC pipes provide complete impermeability and at the same time offers all the advantages associated with plastic pipes such as corrosion resistance, and ease in installation. KiTEC composite pipes provide an increased resistance to the onset of condensation or pipe sweating in a plumbing application. In case of hot water piping the insulation requirement is only 50% of the same required for conventional metal pipes.
KiTEC Composite pipes are very effective as conduit, especially for data transmission, telecommunication and signal cables. Its uniqueness is in its three layer construction, incorporating a welded sealed aluminum tube providing the very latest method of EMI screening covered both internally and externally with a layer of Polyethylene. This gives the product comparable strength to that of a metal conduit with the flexibility of a plastic conduit. Shielding effectiveness (attenuation in dB) is a measurement of the ratio between the external environment field strength and that field strength measured after passing through any material. This is recorded in a logarithmic scale
With KiTEC Composite pipes, its unique construction and smooth internal bore makes the stripping of cable insulation a thing of the past, compared to steel conduit. Add to this the greater lengths through more bends which can be achieved without stretching the cables; the pulling of cable could not be easier. KiTEC Composite pipes is a simple tubing product which can be installed with no mess, minimal wastage and in a fraction of the time taken for conventional systems, for cable protection, screening, fire protection and halogen free applications.

Key Features
KiTEC is easily formed into curves, sets by hand and only requires bending springs when forming tight bends down to radius equivalent to 5 times the diameter of pipe.
Will never pit or develop pin holes from aggressive water leading to premature failure.
Soluble encrustants, such as calcium carbonate do not readily precipitate onto the smooth walls of KiTEC pipes. In addition, there is no reduction in flow areas and flow coefficients as the pipes age.
KiTEC pipes do not have any effect of UV radiation when laid exposed. There is no light transmission.
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