External Drainage System
Complete range of drainage solutions for anything from domestic drives to airport runways.
ACO Driveway Drainage Channel

To contain the flow from the associated surface surrounding the installation, the channel is longer than it is wide and has a cross sectional dimension design. Polymer Concrete, Plastic, or Steel can be used to make the channel body. ACO Drain is the leading modular trench drain system on the market, and it is ideal for commercial applications ranging from gas stations to airports. ACO Drain systems are made up of factory-made, modular channel units made of corrosion-resistant polymer concrete or fibreglass, as well as grates in a variety of materials for all loading applications.
The embedded inlet detail can range from cast iron, steel, or polymer composite gratings to a barely visible inlet detail or'slot.' These inlets are typically formed as part of a channel body that sits beneath the surface.
Channel drains are typically structural formers that are essential to the system's performance but may or may not be load bearing in the absence of the required surround detail.
ACO channel systems are used in a variety of external and internal applications, ranging from airports to kitchens.

External Drainage
Internal and External Drainage Solution

Recessed Manhole Covers

Air & Water Tight Covers

ACO manufactures a range of high quality access covers which, whilst providing speedy and easy access to underground services, enable decorative floor finishes to be maintained with minimal interference.Access covers are cover and frame systems for use in various applications such as stormwater, sewer infrastructure, electrical and communications.

They are typically used inside of buildings, outside of buildings, in urban and civil infrastructure pavements. ACO’s steel & iron access covers can be made discreet to harmonise with the building or urban environment.

Normal Manhole Covers

Recessed manhole cover in SS304 brings you the utility with aesthetic look , you can flush the manhole cover same as your floor as ILIOS recessed manhole covers are tile able and you can install any tile or stone over the cover and it flushes perfectly with your floor.

FRP Manhole Covers

Accessible in slip resistant finishing, offered FRP Manhole Covers are incorporated with anti-skid surface , which helps in the prevention of mischances related to slipping. The fire retardant as well as thermally insulated coating of these covers proffer extended durability and lasting utilization. Other features of the products include simple installation even in the areas of high temperatures. Resistant to microorganism growth, the products have high strength to weight ratio and are also impact & UV resistant. These single piece molded sort structures known as FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Manhole Covers are accessible in multiple color options and are appreciated for their zero scrap value.

Side Parapet Roof Drain

L SHAPE Side Parapet roof drain can be used in conjunction with gutters an down spouts to diverts the flow to the desired location. Scuppers are used to provide an outlet through parapet walls or gravel stops on flat and built-up roofs to allow drainage of excess water.

Back Flow Preventer

Capricorn non-return valves are designed for installation on horizontal pipe segments in sewage manholes either inside or outside buildings. Non-return valves provide anti-flooding protection and help to protect buildings against flooding due to rainwater travelling back down the sewage system. Capricorn non-return valves are automatically operated, providing free waste water drainage according to the slope of the rainwater drain.

We offer type I and type IV non-return valves with one flap and type II non-return valves with two flaps with Duo Protect system to ensure double protection based on two automatically closed protection flaps.

Capricorn non-return valves are available in an extensive range of sizes so as to enable their installation in waste water drains and systems with the following pipe diameters:non-return valves with one flap: Ø50 – Ø200
non-return valves with two flaps: Ø110 – Ø200

Air Admittance Valves

HypAir Balance air admittance valves are sewage system components that enable providing air supply and pressure balance in the system. They help to ensure proper waste water drainage and prevent the spread of bad odours from the sewage system.

Capricorn air admittance valves feature 4 all-purpose models designed for connection diameters from Ø32 to Ø110.HypAir Balance air admittance valves are manufactured to EN 12380 and meet the requirements for Class AI valves which can be installed below the flooding level and operated under temperatures from -20 to +60°C

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